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Peterson Appraisal Group, Ltd. specializes in commercial and industrial real estate appraisals to help establish fair assessments for real estate tax purposes in Chicago and Cook County, IL.  Property taxes represent one of the largest expenses for most real estate owners.  When property taxes are unfairly too high, the property owners financial viability can be at risk. A summary of the 2014 Cook County Tax Rates (most recent available) can be found here. A copy of the 2016 reassessment schedule is as follows:

Township     Assessment Notices Mailed
Evanston             2/16/2016
New Trier               3/2/2016
Barrington             3/17/2016
Palatine               4/7/2016
Norwood Park             4/21/2016
Elk Grove                    5/5/2016
Maine                5/26/2016
Leyden             6/15/2016
Wheeling               7/8/2016
Northfield             7/28/2016
Schaumburg             8/16/2016
Niles               9/1/2016
Hanover               9/9/2016

According to a recent study by the Heartland Institute Cook County property tax collections increased 48% from 2000 to 2010. This reflects a real estate tax collection increase over double the rate of inflation (22.5% per U.S. Department of Labor Statistics). In numerical terms, Cook County property tax collections climbed from $7.89 billion to $11.69 billion in the 2000 to 2010 period.

The City of Chicago's taxing agencies increased 44 percent from 2000 to 2010. Suburban taxing bodies increased property taxes by 75 percent and the Water Reclamation District increased taxes by 29 percent. School districts increased their taxes by 58 percent with twenty-seven districts more than doubling their levies over the past decade.

If you believe your commercial property may be over assessed please contact us.  We will be happy to discuss next steps with you at no cost or obligation.

No single family or small apartments with four units or less please, we focus exclusively on commercial and industrial real estate tax appraisal.

Gary T. Peterson, MAI, MBA 

Vice President
Michael J. W. Halliburton, MAI


"I have worked with PAG dozens of times (for tax appeal appraisals) because of my legal practice... They are responsive and professional - and very consistently so. The appraisals they provide are great".
- N. Tsonis, Property Tax Attorney

"Professional, punctual and helpful... I would certainly recommend this company".
- C. Noone, Property Owner

"I have used Peterson Appraisal for bank loans and real estate tax appeals for years in my law practice. They are much more thorough than other firms we have tried. We have much more confidence in their values".
- J. Chie, Attorney at Law

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